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Apr 08 2011
Well by Silicon Valley standards, that certainly wasn't a long "stealth" period. Just weeks after he quit Digg, Kevin Rose is announcing details of his new startup. Knowing Rose, I can tell why he's so excited to get started. He's constructed a company that plays perfectly to his strengths in the early days- but will test his weaknesses long term.

It's called Milk, and it's going to be a development lab in San Francisco's hipster Mission District for mobile Web ideas. Along the Silicon Valley grapevine people have been calling it an "incubator," but that term usually implies an organization that accepts entries from would-be entrepreneurs, funds them and helps groom them for the real world. That's not Milk's playbook at all.

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Feb 03 2011
Apple's iOS, which powers the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, cracked 2 percent of all Web browsing in January, with a share north of 5 percent in both the U.K. and Australia to start 2011.

Although this may seem like an insignificant number, it brings with it some interesting difficulties for web developers - Flash websites.

When a web developer is given the task of building an interactive website that requires features that only flash can really offer, such as seamless videos that can start and stop at specific times as decided by a script, he or she has to decide whether to build the site the way it was meant to with flash or simplify it and use more friendly languages such as JavaScript and HTML5. If the developer chooses to go with flash then the task of building one website has just turned into 2 because, with 2% of the world's internet usage, there has to be a mobile version that iOS users can view. 

And that's not the only problem with flash. Flash applications tend to take up an amazingly large amount of processing no matter what device is rendering it. I have had flash websites completely lock up my computer on more than one occasion and it wasn't even from anything amazing, just a website with a menu and some fancy mouse-over effects. I have a 1 gigahertz Samsung android phone that can easily render 720p videos compressed with the matroska video codec, which is saying a lot in terms of processing power because this codec uses quite a complicated compression algorithm that even modern laptops would have trouble rendering. Yet, if I try to watch an extremely low resolution flash video (less than 480p) my phone has huge troubles rendering and I get about 1 frame per second which is completely unwatchable.

So is it really worth building a website with flash? We don't think so.
Jan 31 2011
Yes, supercomputing just got simpler.

They were initially used to accelerate the memory-intensive work of texture mapping and rendering polygons, later adding units to accelerate geometric calculations such as the rotation and translation of vertices into different coordinate systems. But now, for the first time ever, these GPU's that would normally accelerate video games are being used to perform massive computations at speeds unmatched by almost all computers on the planet.

In certain applications requiring massive vector operations, this can yield several orders of magnitude higher performance than a conventional CPU.

In the recent years these GPU's have been used in projects such as Stanford University's Folding@Home distributed computing project, for protein folding calculations.

Now Peer1, the company maintaining our servers, is offering this to you or anyone else who may be interested.

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Jan 30 2011
Hyperevo has a proprietary content management system that has been in development for 5 years and is entering production. The Crystal Field CMS makes updating your website unbelievably easy and is designed specifically for your website in mind.

Crystal Field CMS
Our Crystal Field CMS is 100% secure with encrypted passwords and ip monitoring software to make sure you're the only one updating your website. We try to keep updating your website as simple as possible without taking away from functionality so that anyone can do it regardless of technical knowledge. With SEO friendly URL's there are no problems with search engines finding and indexing all of your pages under relevant keywords to make sure all of your customers can find your website.

Websites using the Hyperevo Crystal Field CMS include:

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Jan 25 2011, a website recently developed and programmed by Hyperevo Technologies and designed by Spring Advertising has won an award for Outstanding Achievement from the Interactive Media Awards! We would like to thank the entire team from Hyperevo technologies and Spring Advertising for all of the hard work put into the project to make it happen.

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